Do your employees have the information they require?

Getting the right information, in the right place, at the right time gives the reassuring feeling of understanding and of being understood.

By analyzing existing communication tools, conducting executive interviews and management focus groups, communication successes and weaknesses are identified.

The process raises the sense of responsibility and sensitivity to internal communication and implements effective countermeasures in order to avoid risks.

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What is the most effective way of getting the attention of your audience?

An effective communication audit will answer to how you inform the different key audiences about your business and efficiently highlight what works and what doesn’t.

Before launching a new communication strategy, you have to know if you reach your audiences with the right messages, what media coverage you receive and what media opportunities you miss.

Collecting and assessing your past communication is the first step to successfully telling your story in the future.

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How can your ideas connect better with your audience's requirements?

A good communication strategy integrates all communications actvities, such as public relations, advertising, investor relations, interactive or internal communications.

It engages the highest levels of management because it successfully blends strategy, finance and marketing communications to manage the brand to optimise its value.

The process helps to remove internal barriers that may have prevented an integrated communication effort.

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Are your ideas getting lost in the noise?

The communication department has the responsibiltity to inspire, to encourage the employees and to make sure that the company functions properly and continues to grow.

A situation where employees have a good understanding of and feel pride about the company's philosophy, leads to better results.

A company which operates in agreement with its philosophy, while simultaneously the external world of customers and society acknowledges and approves this situation, will generate sustained positive results.

Our coaching sessions strengthen the role of the communication department and help to develop the right methods and ideas which meet with strategic positioning and commercial objectives.

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How do I need to structure my message for maximum impact?

Communication skills are an essential requirement for anyone in a senior management role.

In our workshops you will learn techniques to structure your ideas and impress your audience.

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Who are we?

The construction of a clear vision is the backbone of the organisation; it encourages all staff members to act accordingly.

The values of a company are the fundamental beliefs which motivate the staff to relate deeply with the world around.

But without the right strategy, the use of terms like „integrity“ or "social responsability" will remain empty words. The appropriation of the brand values strengthens the sense of community, promotes social intercourse, increases motivation and fosters the company image: we enjoy working for our company!

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How do we communicate?

What is the appropriate communication tool to encourage the creation of a positive working atmosphere or to provide information and assurance throughout times of change?

The right tone and content, a fresh design in tune with your corporate guidelines build these bridges necessary to develop common values and to promote a better relationship between the different company departments.

A good combination of internal print or electronic communication tools and corporate events will boost the efforts of the management, the HR and communication departments to maintain a healthy and productive work environment.

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Can I add CSR to the firm’s overall organizational goals?

CSR strategy does not have to be complex. Start by picking one area to focus on and based on a realistic goal.

CSR is not in the exclusive competence area of a comunication department. Without the backing of a firm’s leadership, strong CSR strategies have little chance of success.

We will help you to create a matrix setting environmental, social and economic aspects in a logical frame and to create principles of sustainability which are both easy to understand and to implement.

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Who can understand me?

Many companies or organisations produce scientific or economic data. But a lot of these analyses, reports or studies are not userfriendly because they do not provide clear statements or strong messages.

Information graphics help you to highlight the pertinent content and to increase its informational value for the target audience.

The visualisation of data is an effective tool to simplify complexity.

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Which agency suits us best?

Refocus your company image, refresh your visual identity, designing a new website or launching a new product are crucial moments of action which need to lead to success.

A specific design task or a mission which requires a long-term regular cooperation with an advertising company - both leave no room for error because of their strategic impact and and their cost intensity.

We help you to create an appropriate framework for a competition between advertising agencies by defining strategic objectives and creative expectations.

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